June 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Altho it’s been a while since updating the website.
We have been meeting via ZOOM (during COVID-19 lockdown), and in person at Clandestine Brewing and the Oak Meadow picnic area of Vasona Lake County Park.

We will update this site from now on, starting with the following minutes from the June 18, 2022 club meeting at Vasona Lake County Park.

  • We talked about NCHF (the Northern California Homebrewer’s Festival).
    The festival is ...
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March 2018 Meeting Minutes

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Club activities
  • Barrel project updates
    • We recently emptied a barrel at Kevin’s house. It contained a saison, and we refilled it with a Golden Strong. The saison is full-bodied and has a very strong oak aroma, with an intense buttery flavor. It drinks almost like a chardonnay, but with a long, bitter finish. If I recall correctly, there weren’t enough Golden Strong contributions, so we left some saison in the barrel and added the Golden Strong on top of it.
    • The other barrel ...
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HQ Big Barrel Brown Ale

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*5 GAL* mash at~ 154/155

-13# 2 row
-1.25# carapils
-1.25# crystal 40L
-1# wheat
-.5# chocolate malt

-1oz northern brewer 60 min
-1oz cascade 15 min
-1oz centennial 0 min

-Cal ale WLP 001 or safale us-05

This recipe should give you at least a 7+% brown ale depending on efficiency ( anywhere from 6-9% should be fine). A little variation is OK, but because we are barrel aging this beer, I would suggest keeping the hops fairly restrained. This is still a ...

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Q1 2018 Lager Club Competition

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Competition Rules

The next brewer’s challenge is lager beer.

Some of your options are:

  • Traditional Lager
  • American Lager
  • Pilsner
  • IPL
  • Baltic Porter
  • Baltimore Porter
  • Biere de Garde
  • Rauchbier
  • Kellerbier
  • Altbier and Kolsch

You’re welcome to do any type of lager beer but these are a few suggestions.

Club member Howard Clearfield gave a brief session on making great lagers at our holiday party in January. He’s got quite a bit of lagering experience under his belt, and we’re fortunate to have Howard’s notes from that session.

Enter Your Brews

To enter your brews, ...

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November 2016 Meeting Agenda

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Hey all,
We’re gearing up for our last official meeting of the year.  We’ll have our meeting at 12:00 on the 19th, then head out to the pub crawl from there.  We’ll keep the meeting to ~90 minutes, and everyone is welcome to attend either the meeting or the crawl or of course both.
  • Location – Kyle’s backyard
  • Quick intro (winter events, holiday party planning, etc.)
  • Wood Aged Beer Challenge
  • Homebrew share
  • Officer elections (if anyone is interested please let me know)
  • Homebrewer ...
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